Monday, July 10, 2023

Music room with acoustic slatted panels

Another recent build from Garden Spaces,  this one an interesting combination of work by supplier and client since it is a music room with acoustic slatted panels installed by the new owner (who says he loves playing saxophone at 7am and not annoying the neighbours). It comes in at 3.95m x 3.5m x 2.15m with a foundation of incremental packers, the existing slab extended to accommodate them. Other features include:
* platinum acoustic package with acoustic porch
* on the walls, acoustic wool, acoustic plasterboard followed by a acoustic rubber membrane  and then another level of acoustic plasterboard
* on the ceiling ceiling, acoustic rubber membrane, resilient bars on it followed by a level of acoustic plasterboards
* on the floor, three layer acoustic underlay mat with perimeter flanking band around the perimeter with a laminate 12mm floor on top of it
* on the porch - glass doors both externally and internally* aluminium venetian blinds, thermowood cladding oiled with Danish oil, flat rubber roof, air conditioning unit with smart climate controller


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