Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Fandangoe Discoteca

This remarkable garden office-shaped building is in fact a Yugoslav K67 kiosk called The Fandangoe Discoteca. It's the brainchild of Annie Frost Nicholson in collaboration with the social enterprise Loss Project, and is in fact a mini disco where you can deal with people's grief issues ("from bereavement to climate angst to political rage to break up") through the remedy of dance - specifically 'grief raves' - as well as meditation and yoga workshops.

It's available at Canary Wharf in London (Wren Landing) July 26-30; Milton Keynes Market August 5-11; then onto Berlin at the end of August and the Greenbelt Festival in the Netherlands in October. Lots more information via the link above and at the Loss Project.


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