Thursday, June 08, 2023

The best plants for your mental health in your garden office

We regularly remind shedworkers that having plants in your garden office can be helpful in keeping you happy and healthy, reducing stress and generally pepping us up. Jenny Berger, a Post-Doctoral Researcher in the School of Built Environment at the University of Reading, has an interesting article on this subject ('Owning houseplants can boost your mental health – here’s how to pick the right one') following her recent research into this area.

In brief, the results indicated:

-  pothos, weeping fig (pictured above) and palm are ideal choices

- in general, plants with lots of large and lush green leaves plus dense canopies offer particular benefits

- it's a good idea to pick plants that are easy to look after, like a spider plant.

- plants like pothos with rounded rather than jagged leaves are more relaxing

- calming effects are associated with plants that are appealing enough to attract your attention but not with overly exhuberant colours or pattersn

- a single nice houseplant may be better than cramming your garden office with loads which can be a distraction


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