Monday, October 31, 2022

Hallowe'en in a shepherd's hut

A nice piece by Richard Lee from Plankbridge about returning to visit the owner of a local Dorset shepherd's hut bought some time ago and now used as a work-from-home garden office for a keen fly fisherman. Here's a snippet:

It was interesting to hear about the little things, of how he likes to not have a kettle inside the hut which makes him get up from time to time to walk back to the house, breaking up his day when working from home. The small electric heater is more than enough in such a well-insulated space, ticking away on a thermostat without the hassle of making up a wood burning stove. The added expenditure on a really good quality office chair which makes sitting at the desk a pleasure, and the ergonomics of having things to hand, all add up to make this his perfect place to retreat to.

Well worth a quick look - link at top of the post. 


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