Sunday, October 09, 2022

Men are more likely to work from home if given the option

An interesting study by SEO agency Clickslice of ONS data on working from home behaviours of men and women indicates that 8% of men did not work from home in the previous seven days, although they were able to, and that 38% of women surveyed are working from home all or some of the time, compared to 35% of men. 

But Joshua George, CEO of Clickslice picked out another interesting trend. “It’s interesting to see how gender plays a role in working from home behaviours," he said. "While more women are working from home either all or some of the time, more men are choosing to work from home if they have the choice between that or the office.

“Further research shows that Brits are planning to continue working from home. ONS data from February 2022 revealed that 84% of workers who had to work from home because of the coronavirus pandemic said they planned to carry out a mix of working at home and in their place of work in the future.

“However, research also shows that bosses and workers disagree about productivity when working from home. In a recent survey by Microsoft of over 20,000 people, bosses worry about whether working from home is as productive as being in the office. 87% of workers felt they worked as, or more, efficiently from home, yet 80% of managers disagreed. This discrepancy is something that both business owners and workers should be aware of to ensure that there is no confusion or resentment about where people choose to work.” 


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