Thursday, August 26, 2021

Garden office fires report

With the rise in the number of garden offices and shedworkers has come the unsurprising but still very unwelcome news that fires in garden outbuildings are on the rise. According to insurer Zurich UK, reveal garden office, shed and garage fires increased by nearly a fifth  in 2020, compared to 2019.

Of 45 fire authorities, 33 saw a rise in shed and garage blazes, with an average increase of 25%. Fire and rescue services in Lancashire, Lincolnshire, West Sussex and North Yorkshire recorded the biggest surges in outbuilding fires, rising by 58%, 50%, 47% and 46% respectively. 

The authors of the report say that the trend appears to be driven by people across the country converting sheds and garages into offices, home gyms and garden bars.

Phil Ost, Head of Personal Lines at Zurich, said: “Homeowners up and down the country have converted outbuildings into everything from bars and yoga studios, to gyms and offices. But as Brits take refuge in their garden sheds and garages, it appears to have sparked a rise in accidental blazes. Sheds are a perfect environment for fires to take hold – often made of wood, sited outside and often home to flammable liquids like petrol for a lawnmower or oils and paint thinners."

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