Thursday, February 04, 2021

How to repurpose a shed

Following yesterday's post about the BBC's odd reporting of garden offices as being hugely expensive, we're going to finish the week with a couple of examples of how you can create a great shed atmosphere without spending £30,000. So to start things off today, here is Misa Buckley's shed in Manchester above, before and after.

"Recently, Covid has been making things extra difficult," says Misa. I’ve been stuck with necessary outings only. I needed somewhere to escape to, and my eyes fell on the shed. So my lockdown project is to repurpose the shed."

Here's a rough rundown of costings:

* The job has required a few trips to B&Q for wood paint, roof felt, carpet tiles (£25 for a box of 10) Ronseal Cornflower and Bluebell paint for the exterior, Ronseal Elderflower paint for inside

* Plywood panelling for the floor and walls inside cost £80 via Facebook Marketplace.

* Outside heart-shaped lights were £5 from B&M 

* Inside fairylights came from Amazon. The stapler to fix them was £6 from Aldi.

Misa is delighted with the results and it's not cost her £30,000.


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  1. This goes to the opposite extreme though! It doesn't appear to have any insulation for one thing, unless you count floor tiles?