Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Treatment room garden office against the odds

An interesting build by eDEN Garden Rooms shows that it's worth going to a reputable supplier in case problems arise. Pictured above is a garden treatment room with sink and other facilities that they recently finished for a client in Sevenoaks, Kent. It has bi-fold doors and a letterbox window to help with ventilation.

This is one of those projects where everything was against them (redundant gas pipes which need disconnecting safely, drains not shown on plans, trees to work around which required the help of a specialist tree consultant when it came to positionin gthe screw pile foundations) but they dealt nicely with the unforeseen problems. 

It's also an unusual design as eDEN had to build around an acer tree the client wanted to keep and a larger protected tree to the rear. So the triangular shed store (where garden furniture is kept) is located back right and accessible from within the rectangular studio, with a nice floor-to-ceiling feature window looking out onto the tree.


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