Wednesday, April 08, 2020

How to work well from your garden office

Various garden office suppliers are providing useful hints and tips for people who are having a go at shedworking or thinking about getting a proper garden office rather than make do with a slightly converted shed previously full of lawnmowers and slightly broken tools. Malvern Garden Buildings has pulled together tips from customers working out of their offices (a mapmaker, a social media consultant, and two musicians) in their post Working-from-the-Garden-Office. Meanwhile Norwegian Log (pictured above) has Eight Ways to be Super Productive in your Home Office which includes thoughts on what to wear to shedwork, decluttering, and setting working hours.

For a more lyrical look at the life of a shedworker, keep an eye on the new blog from shepherd's hut specialist Plankbridge's Richard Lee, Musings from The Pondside. Here's the start of his first post:
"In seeking some isolation from a surreal global pandemic and the desperate news it brings I have found myself in the sanctuary of our own shepherd’s hut. I’m at a yew wood knee hole desk, a reproduction that caught my eye in a Dorchester antiques emporium a few years ago. I’m sitting on one of my own oak shepherd’s chairs, a stout design with a sheepskin seat and a fair heft to it which some would say makes it impractical for many uses. But it’s comfortable, solid and dependable. Together the desk, seat and this quirky hut that we made offer me somewhere conducive to write. And that is what I’m going to do."

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