Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Working from garden office tips during the Coronavirus crisis

A nice post from Garden Affairs looks at the currently particularly hot topic of advice for potential new shedworkers on working from their garden office. Here's a snippet:
There's huge uncertainty as to how long this crisis will last, and what its long-term implications for public health will be. As teams across the country rapidly adapt to connecting through Zoom meetings and fitting their domestic and childcare duties around more flexible working hours, some experts are talking of homeworking becoming the new normal. Which means now may be the time to think seriously about putting a home office in your back garden. You don’t need acres of land to accommodate one of our buildings. A small garden office pod like our popular Mini office (below) is a comfortable and stylish way of creating your own office, even in the tiniest of garden spaces.
You can read the rest of it at their web site here.

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