Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Garden Affairs launches new Proline range using Tricoya

The new Proline range from Garden Affairs makes use of Tricoya - it's timber, but it has an estimated 25 year life above ground and 50 below. It has a vertical tongue and groove styling with a similar interior mdf lining.

"Tricoya is an exceptionally stable, modern wood composite that copes effortlessly with all outdoor weather conditions and moisture variations," says Garden Affairs Managing Director, Richard Squire. "It will not rot or warp, and is resistant to fungal attack. Proline marks a huge step forward in the world of garden buildings: exceptional stability, totally rot-proof combined with stylish good looks."

The Proline comes in a range of sizes from 1.8m x 1.8m up to 5.6m x 3.4m, with any configuration of door and window from a wide variety of sizes and styles. It has a flat roof, under 2.5m high, so fits most planning guidelines. --------------------------------------
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  1. Great to see a small selection of my images on your website. Always a pleaseure working with Garden Affairs photographing their garden buildings.