Friday, October 05, 2018

James Furzer’s ‘Homeless Cabin’ at Grand Designs Live

Grand Designs Live returns to Birmingham’s NEC October 10-14 and will include architect James Furzer’s design the ‘Homeless Cabin’.

Outside Hall 5 of the NEC visitors can see a prototype shell of the Homeless Cabin that James has developed as an alternative towards defensive architecture (e.g. spikes in building voids) meant to deter the homeless that is found throughout the UK. Inside Grand Designs Live, visitors can look inside one of these cabins, and find out more information about this potentially life-changing project.

According to James: ‘We require friendlier architecture to change the current perception of homelessness and provide thoughtfully designed spaces for those less fortunate. A place of warmth, security and privacy, where one can gather their thoughts and regenerate away from the public eye.  In short, a worldwide, immediate, temporary solution to rough sleeping.’

A panel of experts, including representatives from GROUNDWORK, a charity helping vulnerable and homeless people, along with property expert Kunle Barker and James Furzer discuss the ‘Rise Of The Rough Sleeper’ at the Grand Theatre on October 12.
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