Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Cabin of 3D Printed Curiosities

A remarkable shedlike atmosphere from the Emerging Objects studio which is part of their ongoing examination of microarchitecture in San Francisco's Bay Area. The front facade features a mass of succulents in ceramic planters while the others are covered in a 3D-printed ceramic cladding system which is inspired by knitting techniques. Inside, there are Chroma Curl wall tiles to add light. Here's what the designer say:
The Cabin of 3D Printed Curiosities demonstrates that 3D printing can be beautiful, meaningful, and well crafted – not crude, fast and cheap. Much like the garage makerspace movement, the backyard building space might become a platform where new ways of living are tested, new technologies can be invented and tested, and new materials can be discovered.
Click the link above for more information from the studio and here for Treehugger's take on its eco credentials.

Photos: Matthew Millman -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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