Monday, April 16, 2018

Pamela Butchart: (Secret Seven) Shedworker

Dundee-based author Pamela Butchart already has more than a dozen novels under her belt but the next one is especially keenly-anticipated since it is a continuation of Enid Blyton's Secret Seven series which she has written in her own writing shed. Here's what she told the Scottish Sun about it:
“It took me until the age of 34, but I finally got a garden shed just like the young detectives... Growing up, I always lived in council tenement flats and all I ever wanted was my own garden and Secret Seven shed... But the shed I use now is a bit pimped up. It has underfloor heating and all of my Secret Seven books are lined up.”
The Mystery of the Skull is published in July and you can see lots more photos of Pamela in her shed - including some ginger beer - at photographer Michael Schofield's site here. -------------------------------------------------
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