Monday, April 02, 2018

Viking Bauhutte workshop and artist's studio

Viking Bauhutte - Workshop/Studio from Garden #shedoftheyear

Photographer Chris Walter has come up with what must already be in the running for Shed of the Year 2018. He uses his Bauhutte - inspired partly by Noggin the Nog - for a variety of things but especially for designing and building cameras. It has running water, full electrics and an antique Norwegian stove, but there are also many lovely touches such as the dragon handles (below).

The whole build is inspired by a Ben Law design with curved shingle walls and roof and wood roundel covered doors. Plenty of the construction material including insulation has been recycled from other buildings. And the term 'bauhutte'? Here's Chris's explanation:
The name Bauhutte comes from the middle ages when all the craftsmen and artisans would stay in a shed on site - the Bauhutte - and discuss their building and design ideas and drink tea (or mead). This idea of keeping art, design and craft together was revisited in the early 20th century when Bauhutte became Bauhaus.
I also like his idea that there is a Norse guardian of workshops called Bloki... -------------------------------------------------
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