Monday, April 23, 2018

BBQ huts

A nice piece in the Daily Mail by Tessa Cunningham about outdoor cookout cabins looks at five examples which could also double up as garden offices for some pleasant shedworking including the one above from Arctic Cabins. Here's a snippet of what Alex Flynn (pictured) says:
I never expected to pay £9,000 for what amounts to a wooden hut with a barbecue inside. All I wanted was something to fill the space at the bottom of our quarter-acre garden where we’d felled a tree. A pergola with a few climbing roses would have done. But last summer we went to an outdoor equipment show in the New Forest, and saw a display by Arctic Cabins. Their cute little shelters are handmade in the UK using Arctic pine, and come with snuggly deerskins on the five bench seats. Danny [her husband] was instantly sold and, when he assured me we could afford a 10-metre cabin, I jumped at the chance to indulge my love of cooking outside.
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