Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Shed Project

The Shed Project is a collaboration between Lowe Guardians and Studio Bark to further the former's aim to provide "quality and affordable accommodation for London’s young professionals by making the most out of vacant buildings".

It aims to make better use of larger empty spaces, such as derelict warehouses, and turn them into homes for these young professionals or 'guardians' using a design from Studio Bark. These units are eco-friendly, self-contained and can be built in 24 hours (they can also be taken down in the same time, both using only a drill and a hammer). Each one is built using Oriented Strand Board (OSB), lamb’s wool insulation and recycled polyester. with all materials made in the UK.

Here's what they say about it:
The SHED is all about self-build and it can be decorated or changed by guardians that are passionate about the space they occupy. We also want our guardians to get involved in building their own space (with our help of course) and take ownership of their living quarters. We also have the unique opportunity of build a new community of SHED builders. Many of our guardians live fast-paced, transient lifestyles. In some ways, this makes it even more important that at the end of a busy day, they have a private space that is entirely personal to them. Our guardians want to have an impact on the space they live and the bespoke nature of the shed allows them to do that.

The SHED Project - Lowe Guardians from Tim Lowe on Vimeo. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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