Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Braid Creative's writing shed

Tara Street is the co-founder of Braid Creative & Consulting and has written a nice piece about building and working in her garden office writing shed (which also has a sleeping loft) on the company's blog. The whole thing is well worth a read but here's a snippet:
“Going out to the shed” means walking down a stone path that curves through my lawn to a ten-by-twelve foot little cottage built in the back of my garden. It has lots of windows that open to the breeze, with a desk, a small sitting area, and a sleeping loft above with a skylight that looks up into the trees. The shed is where I write, creative direct and develop brands for entrepreneurs and businesses. It’s small, this little place I sometimes call The Shire (like my own Hobbit hole made just for me), but it feels big. It feels like a dream.
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