Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Garden office toilets

Most shedworkers simply nip back to the mother ship when they need to powder their nose (and some I know simply nip behind the bushes), but if you want a lavatory without going through all the rigmarole of applying for planning permission to hook up to mains water, then consider a waterless version.

We've mentioned Ecotoilets before on Shedworking but the fine folk at Rotunda have also pointed us in the direction of WooWoo who specialise in waterless and composting toilets - an example is pictured above, birch plywood around a stainless steel structure with a pine roof.

You can sort one out yourself, or you can get your garden office supplier to source it. Here's a nice example of an Ecotoilets model inside a 2m internal diameter Rotunda with a 100mm wall cavity, single skinned polycarbonate dome and surface mounted lights.

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