Thursday, August 24, 2017

Garden office with artificial green roof

Green sedum roofs have been one of the most popular add-on features over the last decade of the garden office's history, but here's a twist on the idea from eDEN Garden Rooms, a 5m by 3m shedworking space in Richmond, London, with an artificial grass roof.

"A living roof is not new to us and we have finished many garden rooms with effective sedum or wildflower meadow roofs in the past," says eDEN spokeswoman Mia Gambrill, "but due to its low maintenance and year-round luscious finish, artificial grass roofs are gaining in popularity."

She added that the client, Kathy, went for the artificial option because of its evergreen look and extremely low maintenance requirements - another factor was that it needed no planning permission, compared to sedum/wildflower versions which do because of the additional roofing work necessary.

The garden office also has a hidden side door opening onto a storage area, as well as a second set of aluminium doors at the back providing another way of getting in from a back path.
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