Friday, August 04, 2017

A room of one's own: Why everybody needs a garden office

 An excellent piece in the Guardian by Heidi Scrimegeour asks "many small business owners run their operations from a corner of the kitchen table, but could the lack of a dedicated work space hold a business back?" And basically, with various examples, the answer is 'Yes'. Here's a snippet:
Carl Reader, author of The Startup Coach, is unsurprised by my delight at having a room of my own in which to work. He’s firmly of the view that you need a dedicated room free of distractions to run a successful business from home. “It takes an inordinate amount of time to regain your focus once you’ve been distracted at work, and the distractions at home can be even more invasive than those in an open-plan office,” he says. “A separate work space also makes it easier to take your mind off business when you’re not working, which in turn boosts productivity.”
And for fans of the 'shoffice' useage, it also contains what I suspect is the first ever use of the term 'ploffice' - children’s playroom + office.

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