Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Boat Pod

Those looking for a truly one-off garden office should take a look at the Boat Pod, a 4m-high shedlike atmosphere constructed by Barney Dearsly who runs Weathered by Water - it is the former bow section of Cornish fishing trawler the Anthony Stevenson built in 1945, with its original curved larch planks and oak ribs, now covered in fibreglass to make it watertight.

It comes with a large circular doorway with sail canvas 'door', electrics, oak floor, wood burning stove (which was made using an old mast step), and Penzance port name and number, and all together, in Barney's words "offers the comforts of 21st century living within a cosy, atmospheric and beautifully crafted structure that was built to withstand the waves of the Atlantic Ocean". ----------------------------------------------------
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