Friday, May 19, 2017

Pubworking: Shedworking on the move

Readers with long memories will know that back in 2010 I started banging on about 'pubworking', the idea of encouraging homeworkers to relocate to pubs during underused daylight hours to work in pleasant surroundings (I even started a website to that end, which is now defunct, and started spreading the word, for example on Work Snug and among beer writers).

So the Shedworking staff were intrigued to read on Treehugger that 'Startups are now turning upscale restaurants & bars into coworking spaces during the day'. Here's a snippet by its writer Kimberley Mok:
"Remote professionals in a growing number of cities can now choose another kind of membership, one that allows them to work out of a bar or restaurant during those slower business hours during the day, before they revert back to serving diners and bar patrons during the evening...It's an interesting idea that brings extra income to owners of these establishments, and provides a cheaper option to coworkers... in popular coworking cities like New York City, there are over 2,000 empty restaurants during the day. Local startups like Spacious are tapping into these under-utilized spaces, which might be a boon to remote workers who might not reliably find a spot to work in a popular café."
Well worth a read. --------------------------------------------------------
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