Monday, December 19, 2016

The end of the home office?

Lloyd Alter at Treehugger poses a pertinent question - is the home office dying? Here's what he says about the state of play in the USA:
Now, people are working from everywhere around the home from kitchen counter to sofa, especially the younger home buyers who are used to working in coffee shops. One survey showed that in California, “only a quarter of buyers born in the 1990s want a formal home office.” Builders and designers are instead creating “flexible spaces and workspace nooks”.
 And Patrick Clark at Bloomberg points out that: 
The home office has lost enough cachet that, as of the end of August, the share of listings on real estate site Zillow that make special mention of one decreased by 20 percent from the previous year across the U.S., according to data compiled for Bloomberg Businessweek. Those rooms might still exist, but the numbers at least signal that real estate agents see them as less of a selling point than they once did.
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