Friday, December 09, 2016

Garden office in subtropical garden

A remarkable office for interior styling specialists Indigo Jungle in Brisbane by architects Marc&Co whose brief was the wonderful "design a small office space in a subtropical garden". This must be in the running for the Best View From A Garden Office Award this year. Here's what they say about it:
"Rather than starting with an office design, we began thinking about a shack in the landscape. Shacks are often remote and they are small because they are inhabited occasionally. In the cold, a shack is to retain warmth and protect from the cold. In the tropics it may provide shelter from the rain and somewhere dry to cook. The form usually expresses the use, a steep pitch to shed the snow or large overhangs to shade. They are generally modest and available to all demographics. They offer retreat from urban life and a simple relationship to nature. In an urban garden setting, perhaps the office could be more like a shack, more ephemeral."
Outside, the studio has dark zig-zag cladding. Inside, its deliberately tall and narrow 3m x 8m interior is all white.

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