Monday, December 12, 2016

Shed office of the future

An excellent piece by the always readable Lloyd Alter on Treehugger suggests that the shed or tiny home could be the blueprint for the office of the future, rather than the coffee shop or other third place location. He cites the recent office designs by Frovi including the Huddle Shed and Huddle Shed Rustic (above) which the company describes as an 'iconic haven' which features
  • A revolutionary design to create a genuine ‘talking point’
  • Highly effective acoustic properties for noise cancellation
  • A fully clad Rustic design or entirely upholstered
  • Monitor mount and integrated power and data
  • Optional LED lighting for the roof
  • Commercial-grade materials for practicality
Lloyd also points to Frovi's oak-framed Jig Arbour (below) which has been acoustically designed to reduce noise, comes with a deep-foamed sprung seat, and optional contrasting buttons.

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