Monday, October 10, 2016

Underground garden office

Though not exactly sweeping the nation, there are more underground garden offices than you might imagine. Here's a particularly fine example by Trew Turner and Bea Heslop in Haringey, London (the link has some great images of the building work in progress) where the building is half-buried and the roof used as a garden. It is a blockwork build with a Wayney edge Oak board exterior and here's what the designers say about it all:
"The green roof drains using a modern system and fills a large water butt that can be used via a tap into the Belfast sink. Additional rainwater trickles through the French Drains around the building and works its way into the double sump pump system. The bi-fold doors open to enlarge the space and make for a great work environment when the client is restoring furniture. Rooflights shine into the studio and make sure it's never a gloomy space, despite being part basement."
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