Tuesday, October 25, 2016

David Mitchell: Shedworker

David Mitchell, bestselling author of Cloud Atlas, The Bone Clocks and most recently Slade House, is a shedworker. "I am happiest in my hut in County Cork, with a pot of green tea and a large, uncluttered table," he told the Paris Review.

There are no pictures of his garden office and very few details but according to the Daily Telegraph it is triple-insulated and he has painted the walls orange and the ceiling blue. John Walsh in the Independent addes a few more details in an interview:
We go outside to talk in his shed, where he writes. I'd been expecting a sizeable barn as befits such an oceanically ambitious writer, its walls covered in plot blueprints and maps, sheets full of time-scales, arrowhead diagrams, maybe a blackboard with different-coloured chalks. But this is the smallest shed in the world, an austere little hut with a table and chair, a radio and, mystifyingly, no books. It's hard to square this featureless bonsai shack with the massive imagination that bangs and crashes around inside it.

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