Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Ecotoilets sheds

Readers with long memories will remember our 2008 series 'Thursday Outhouses' which took a regular look at the smallest shed in the garden. So we were interested to hear from Richard Saillet at
Ecotoilets which supplies waterless lavatories for use in garden offices and studios. It also supplies lavatories along with a 'shed' (though they call it a cabin) which can be made of wood (smallest model pictured above), synthetic concrete, or moulded plant-based resin. They are already quite widespread in use  in private gardens, allotments, golf clubs, schools, churches, not least because there is no difficulty or expense of putting in a water supply and sewage pipework.

Here's what Ecotoilet say about shedworking:
There is a steadily growing demand for garden rooms and offices. The difficulty comes when you want to install a toilet. The cost of digging up the garden to put in a water supply and a sewage outlet, which may need a pump if the lie of the land isn’t suitable can increase the bill by several thousands of pounds (not counting the cost of the water used). Installing an ecotoilet not only avoids all this expenditure, it also means that a toilet can be installed within a couple of hours.
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