Monday, October 17, 2016

The Anatomy of Sheds: book review

I hope you've got some space left on your shedworking bookshelf because here is another must-have from Jane Field-Lewis, hard on the heels of her excellent My Cool Treehouse earlier this year. Jane has written several excellent, small scale books on shedlike architecture but this is a weightier volume from Pavilion. Subtitled 'New Buildings from an Old Tradition', it features plenty of garden offices as well as other marvels of microarchitecture, around 50 in all, grouped under the headings of Backyard, Contemplative, Holidays, Workspaces, Studios & Workshops, Architectural, and Homes.

Some of these will be familiar to regular readers of Shedworking - such as Paul Smith's garden office - but there are plenty of examples which will be new to even the most hardened shedreader. Each chapter is, as always with Jane, nicely written, but the advantage of the bigger format is that the photos of each build can be given a really decent showing (the endpapers are especially lovely). It would be unfair to call it a coffee table book, but it would happily grace one.  If you bought and enjoyed Cabin Porn, you'll also like this. In fact you'll like it more, because it's better. --------------------------------------------------------------------
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