Thursday, April 28, 2016

Off-grid shepherds' huts

Somerset-based Blackdown Shepherd Huts are launching a 'Eco Solar Huts' range in response to requests for environmentally-friendly huts, wired for 12V, with USB sockets.

"We've had an increase in demand for huts that customers want situated in remote, unspoiled locations," says Will Vickery, who owns Blackdown which already use local suppliers, Somerset wool for insulation, apply predominantly water-based paints, and fit the exterior of the huts with British steel. "Alongside this, people want to feel good about having a low impact on the environment. We've also had requests for huts to be located where it is not possible or feasible to run mains power.

"This eco-friendly method means that everything in the hut is powered without any mains electricity.  It even has a 12v fridge running off the solar.  Our huts have been designed to use as minimal power as possible so there will still be power even on grey days.

"There is an inverter that steps up the 12v to 240v to run the gas hot water boiler fan, ignition and the gas hob ignition.  Inverters themselves use a small amount of energy when on. To this end, we have mounted a little remote ‘light' switch so the inverter only needs to be flicked on when the water or hob is needed to help people reduce the power being used."

The Eco Solar huts can be powered with either semi-flexible Mono-crystalline solar panels curved over the roof or with rigid ground mounted panels. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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