Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Garden office made from surplus building materials

Enviromate is a platform which allows you to buy and sell surplus building materials and has recently seen an influx of DIY enthusiasts who have discovered supplies they can buy for cut-down ‘trade' prices as well as making cash selling surplus materials from their own projects.

Paul Wells from Kent used Enviromate for the materials for his home office project. Using only surplus materials like double-glazed windows, timber and plasterboard that would have otherwise gone into landfill, he set about building a fantastic home office in his garden, all for just £150.

“My focus for the build was essentially to finish the project for as little cost as possible," Paul told Shedworking. "I wanted to completely self-build the office space in my garden, but I didn't want to pay prices at DIY stores for brand new materials. I ended up trawling through various other marketplaces and 'For Sale and Wanted' sites before I came across Enviromate.

"I was pleasantly surprised at how being a ‘building’ marketplace, it was easy for me to find the majority of what I needed for the project. I sourced all material from the site, and I was lucky that in my area there were some great bargains.” ----------------------------------------------------
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