Friday, February 26, 2016

Literary Trumps

As well as running Shedworking and Bookshelf, regular readers know that I have also published various books over the last half dozen years. This year, instead of a book, it's a game - Literary Trumps. I am hoping to crowdfund this via the excellent book publisher Unbound which crowdfunds all its titles (you may have read the best-selling Letters of Note or the Booker short-listed The Wake). There's even a shed element...

The game is played along similar lines to other Trump games you will have played in your youth, only instead of classic cars or dragsters, Literary Trumps is all about writers, their quotability, their ouptut and their speed. Please do click on the links above for more information and do consider making a pledge to fund it - the whole thing will only happen if 500 people generously put their hands in their pockets.

And of course there's sheds involved. Readers with long memories will remember that Shedworking actually helped launch Unbound several years ago. It all happened in a garden office at the Hay Festival and each writer who launches a project on the website has their own 'shed' area where people who pledge get exclusive updates.

So please do have a look and help fund a fun game.

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