Friday, January 08, 2016

The Cake Studio

The Cake Studio

Many of you asked for more about the Garden Office cake story we ran last month and so here it is...

Warwick Buildings and homebased cake baker Kathryn Mathews from Burntwood, Staffordshire, recently came together to create a special Christmas cake. Warwick Buildings had the idea to commission the cake when they recently installed a Timber Building for Kathryn’s home business.

The bake, which is an exact copy of Kathryn’s own Garden Cake Studio, was then donated to the 'Coventry Open Christmas Event’ run by a voluntary organisation, the Gab & Grub Club. The Club’s logo, a smiling plate face supported by a knife and fork enclosed within a very simple house, and the Clubs aims, which are to provide food, shelter, warmth and friendship to the homeless or lonely provided the perfect home for the cake on Christmas Day.

Kathryn herself is delighted with her new Garden Cake Studio which she says has revolutionised her working life. “Before this I had everything all over the place, I feel not only have I now got a fabulous work space, but we have got our home back. I chose this building as it reflected the style I was looking for and fitted in not only with my garden, but also the local neighborhood. I had a tight budget to get everything done including the groundwork and electrical connections, as well as all the internal fittings including a plumbless’ washing facility which satisfied environmental health requirements”.

Kathryn has recently entered her Garden Cake Studio for the ‘Shed of the Year Competition’ as you can see above. --------------------------------------------------------
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