Monday, January 25, 2016

Space Shed for city farm

We posted about Walton's Space Shed last year and many of you wondered what had happened to it. Well the good news is that it's gone to a good home - Waltons has donated it to Stonebridge City Farm for use as a potting shed and to grow vegetables and fruit inside. It's already in situ on the farm which was set up 40 years ago and works with people experiencing social exclusion or learning and physical difficulties. Pictured below are Michele Campbell (Darth Vader), Stonebridge City Farm Education and training; Annie Warburton (Princess Leia), Stonebridge City Farm volunteer; and Stephen Gee (Han Solo) Stonebridge City Farm operations co-ordinator.

Marie Rodgers, Farm Manager at Stonebridge City Farm said: “We are delighted with our new Space Shed. Without the support of organisations such as Waltons and other local farms, charities like ours struggle to keep running. We will be able to use the shed to work with small children, especially on a rainy day. We will be doing lots of potting plants, and other activities in the shed. The shed is going to be such a wonderful thing for people to come and see and it will be a great feature for the farm.“

The shed is made from a solid timber frame, clad with 12mm tongue and groove timber. It also has two opening shatterproof styrene windows for ventilation as well as two removable timber shelves.

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