Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Oxford Instruments: Started in a shed

 Oxford Instruments, a leading provider of high technology tools and systems for research and industry, had garden office beginnings, as Audrey and Martin Wood discuss in this video (only a couple of minutes) which you can listen to at the British Library site - below is an excerpt:
"When we started actually making things much, it was – we had a shed – we built a shed at the bottom of the garden to do this [laughs]. It was a completely residential area and the chairman of planning lived opposite, so when this man – this retired technician used to come along and do a few jobs occasionally. And I remember one day when we had the wife of the chairman of planning to tea and I – in the garden, I think it was, it would be in the summer. And I saw Joe coming and I went down to have a word with him and said, ‘Joe, you’re the gardener [laughs], if you’re asked any questions.'"
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