Monday, November 02, 2015

How to build your own workshop

Nick Abson converted his selfbuild garden room into a workshop and has blogged excellently about the experience over the last three years from the intital build right up to the present at The Small Workshop. It's extremely thorough and a definite must-read for anybody thinking of doing something similar. Here's what Nick says:
I did the building work myself, with some help on the heavy lifting, and it took a while (about a year), with the slow progress mainly down to my complete lack of relevant experience. The designs were done in Sketchup, and the building is constructed with the materials typically used in commercially available garden rooms: structurally insulated panels, cedar cladding, ‘mini plinths’ footings and epdm rubber on the roof. Now the building is done I am focused on the inside and turning it into a small but useful space.
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