Monday, August 03, 2015

Female shedworkers

There's been a lot written about this subject following a 'survey' recently by a DIY superstore that women are buying more sheds (a trend that we have been writing about here on Shedworking for years). There's a nice piece in the Telegraph, focusing on several women shedworkers including a particularly extensive gallery of writer Ali Harris's garden office. Here's a snippet:
“She-sheds are a response to the old cliché about sheds being a male bastion,” says Sally Coulthard, author of Shed Decor, the essential tome for shed and interior design enthusiasts. “Women are reclaiming the shed to spend time outside the house, to be able to separate work, family life and me time.” A corrugated iron structure, riddled with damp and a dingy colour scheme, will simply not do: today’s incarnation comes with all the fixtures and fittings, like a miniature house, with an emphasis on decor that wouldn’t look out of place in a glossy magazine.
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