Thursday, April 23, 2015

Catherine Simpson's 'Wendy House'

Catherine Simpson from Ilkeston fulfilled a lifetime dream when she ordered her bespoke built ‘Wendy House’ from Arctic Cabins. After her mother died, Catherine knew exactly what she would do in her memory and designed her ‘shed’ that she named the ‘Wendy House’ in honour of her mum.

Catherine’s Wendy House is 3m x 4m, insulated and built with redwood timber. It has a front canopy, decking, patio doors, two skylights and four UVPC, double glazed cream windows. Catherine wanted all the windows to let in as much natural light as possible and also had the cabin fitted with a small wood burning stove.

The Wendy House has two areas. One end of the building is fitted with shabby chic shelves, a work bench and moveable work lamps - this is where Catherine does her craft work. The other end has a comfy, leather sofa for reading and relaxing. There are shelves on the walls, bought from antique shops and a bookcase from Catherine’s childhood bedroom upcycled to make shelving. The shelves are full of treasures from Catherine’s mother’s house.

Catherine said “I knew exactly what I wanted and I am delighted with my Wendy House. It’s warm, cosy, it has a completely different atmosphere to the house, it’s my haven and the place I escape too." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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