Monday, January 19, 2015

It's Work From Home Week

All week it's Work From Home Week when the good news about shedworking and working from home generally is given a big push.

“Our own research reveals over a quarter of workers would opt for flexible working over a pay rise, and more than four in 10  employees strongly agree with the idea of being able to access work emails and apps outside of official working hours," said Graham Long, Vice President of the Enterprise Business Team at Samsung UK who is supporting the initiative. "Despite this, many businesses still don’t trust their employees to do so, highlighting the need to educate enterprises on the benefits of working from home. The option to work more flexibly can have a huge impact on productivity and wellbeing and with advancements in mobile technology, it is now possible for employees to work beyond the confines of the office, making working from home a choice that should be open to all rather than a select few.’’

More details at the campaign's website.
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