Monday, January 12, 2015

Laurie Halse Anderson: shedworker

Writer Laurie Halse Anderson, who specialises in children's and young adult fiction, is also a shedworker (although she calls her marvellous garden office built by her carpenter husband a 'cottage'). Here's how she describes it on the Barnes and Noble site:
"It is a magical space. I only do creative work inside; writing, reading, drawing, and sometimes knitting. He used as many sustainable and recycled materials as possible. I heat it with a wood stove and cool it by opening the windows. The south wall was originally a rose window from a church built just before the Civil War. My husband found it, glassless and forlorn, in a salvage yard and spent months repairing it with his best friend. The only thing the cottage doesn’t have is a bathroom, which was by design, because my husband was afraid I’d never come home if he installed one."
Here is an excellent video Laurie has put together explaining the need for the off-grid office and the build itself. Well worth watching.

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