Thursday, January 15, 2015

E.M.Romeo's teahouse

"A little more than 20 years ago I came to the realization that all I wanted to do in life was make things," writes Shedworking reader E.M. Romeo of storage specialists SISTEMI MODERNI. "I quit my corporate job in Silicon Valley and went to work for a friend as a carpenter. I learned a great deal from him and decided to undertake my first design and construction of a structure.

"It was to be a studio for my mother, a great artist and inspiration to me. In the backyard of her home in Fremont, California I decided to build what I like to call a Japanese Teahouse. Of course, I was not an expert in Japanese carpentry, but I used traditional concepts to inform me. The most important guide however was the old olive tree at the heart of the design. The tree dictated the form and the function. I am convinced that allowing nature to impose its will upon me was the greatest success and everlasting imprint on my design philosophy. Since then, I always look at the environment surrounding any project and allow it to guide me in my workflow. The Teahouse is made with Redwood timber framing and an oak veneered plywood floor." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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