Monday, October 06, 2014

Sheds and working from home: latest report

A new report from Lloyds Bank Insurance (who interviewed 2,000 UK adult homeowners) reveals some interesting statistics.

For example, 28 per cent now have a home office but did not in the home in which they grew up ( nearly half had a pantry in their childhood home, but not in their current one too, though not sure this is related), while 20 per cent no longer have a shed or greenhouse despite enjoying these shedlike joys as a junior. Around 27 per cent even remember having an 'outhouse', not something that now features on their present floorplan.

On the other hand, seven per cent of people said they had a study/home office in their childhood home but do not have one where they live now. Make of that what you will.

The study shows that we spend an average of £368 a year on our study/home office, and it is worth an average of £3,083.

Professor Barrie Gunter, author of ‘Psychology of the Home’ and Professor of Mass Communications, Leicester University, said: "Modern day homes have changed to reflect changing lifestyles. In their early adult life people are making greater commitments to their careers and delaying settling down and having their own families. More are working from home, so it is not only the place where they live but becoming more integrated with their working lives. Where they live must not only cater to their needs for shelter, security and comfort, but also provide a space that serves as an effective working environment." --------------------------------------------------------------------
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