Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Nature-starved offices affecting employees' health

Apologies for a second post on a new report in as many days, but this one is also interesting for shedworkers as The Human Spaces Report shows employees who work in environments with natural elements report a 13% higher level of wellbeing and are 8% more productive.

The survey of 3,600 employees in eight European countries (from flooring specialists Interface) indicates that 42% of office employees have no natural light in their working environment, over half don’t have access to any greenery in their working environment and 7% have no window in their workspace. 

The top five natural elements officeworkers put on their wish list for their ideal office space were:
1.      Natural light
2.      Quiet working space
3.      A view of the sea
4.      Live indoor plants
5.      Bright colours

In related news, The Stable Company has joined the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom which promotes learning opportunities outside the classroom.

"We feel strongly about the impact surroundings can have on a child’s ability to learn," they say. "There are a million uses for timber structures that can perfectly unite the indoor and outdoor learning aims and bring some much needed diversity to the environments we teach our children." ----------------------------------------------------
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