Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Backyard Buildings

I've been chatting recently to Jeanie and David Stiles, known to many of you for their excellent shedlike designs and most recently their latest book Backyard Building which I can't recommend too strongly. Here are some examples from it, above, described by the Stileses themselves.

1.  Irish Garden Shed
We saw this shed while bicycling through the British Isles.  Like most things in Europe, it was built to last for centuries; it was probably used to store farming tools, but it makes a great little space for a garden shed or small office. The original was thatched, but on Long Island, New York we substituted hand-split cedar shakes; the logs are locust, from trees brought down by a hurricane.  We decided to put in a brick floor - the textures of wood & brick complement each other beautifully.  For more information and plans, go to www.stilesdesigns.com

2.  The Perfect Shed has classic, functional proportions (10' x 12') versatile enough to be a guest cottage, playhouse, studio or home office - the relatively square floorspace enables maximum use of the space.  A full set of plans (50 pages) is available at www.stilesdesigns.com

3.  The A-Frame (designed by Deek Diedricksen) is compact, affordable, and quick & easy to build.  With recycled materials, you could build this tiny house for less than $1,000.  The basic design can be customised, enlarged & altered in countless ways - for example, to include more space, a larger loft, add an extension or even a bathroom.  Details, ideas & inspiration and comprehensive plans at www.stilesdesigns.com

Photos: Skip Hine and Deek Diedricksen. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  1. That 'Perfect Shed' is quite literally perfect, it's small, compact and stylish. I have a timber shed and the guys who built it had lots of creative input but I'm not as good as styling as the owners of these sheds I'm afraid!