Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tunsta: garden office + storage

Over the last few years, garden offices seem to have come increasingly frequently with traditional storage areas. Indeed, Garden2office has just introduced a new model, the Tunsta, to join its Sportskabin range. The buildings are an L-shape with the smaller 'leg' specifically set aside to be an insulated storage area. Almost any size and window lay-out can be made to order and fully installed models will cost from around £16,000. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  1. I love the floor to ceiling glass panels idea! That's really beautiful! I can actually foresee that idea going well in my own garden and I can use the space as a gym or a working area for home improvement.

  2. This little pod could make a perfect guest house and is a wonderful way of expanding what space you have on your property. And even if you don't need more rooms, self storage space is always handy..

  3. Nice to see that garden office storage. Its very unique design a mix of modern and vintage sytle getting an airing more widely