Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Garden offices add value to your property

Nice piece in the Daily Telegraph by Caroline McGhie argues - quite rightly - that not only is working from home an excellent idea, but that it also adds value to your home if you come to sell it (the figure often quoted rather vaguely is 5% and there's nothing more concrete here although there are a couple of examples of loft extensions). Although it looks at homeworking in general, there's plenty about shedworking in there too. Here's a snippet:
"So home offices are popping up in gardens and extensions all over the country. In London, where prices are sky-high and space is short, workspace adds to value and buyer-appeal... Home offices also make a house more flexible to changing family needs, known as “future-proofing”. They can be converted into granny flats or homes for boomerang children when the time comes"
Well worth a browse - it also includes a couple of galleries featuring marvellous garden offices and properties for sale with garden offices including Rose Cottage in Deal, Kent, pictured above, on with Bright & Bright for £385,000. ----------------------------------------------------
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