Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How sheds explain modern Russian life

A remarkable essay by Vitaly Kurennoj at the Calvert Journal which shows how in Russia "sheds and garages are more than just a handy storage space, they're a way of life". It's not the kind of garden office shedworking we normally showcase but it's a fascinating read with excellent photos. Here's a snippet:
"The garage is a huge fragment of Soviet culture that has survived in the modern-day Russian city. It is the most important element of a so-called dispersed way of life. Like the dacha, the garage divided the household between several living quarters. Simon Kordonsky,  the academic who introduced this concept of the dispersed way of life, sees the garage and the dacha as secret storage spaces, places where you can accumulate different supplies to guard yourself against any possible government repressions."
Well worth a browse. Photo: Vitaly Kurennoj. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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