Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Jonathan Meres: shedworker

Writer and actor Jonathan Meres is probably best known for his World of Norm series of books for children (he's also prolific, and funny, on the Twitter). And he's a shedworker. There's a nice interview with Jonathan - and lots of photos - on the Peters Books and Furniture site. Here's a snippet:
"We moved house a couple of years ago and the only way it was going to work was if we had something purpose built. And after all, I am a children's author and all children's authors must, by law, work in a shed at the bottom of their garden. Or office. Or pod. Whatever. Anyway I found someone to design it. They came up with a few ideas and the rest is history. Well, it's not yet. But it will be one day."
Well worth a browse. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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