Friday, February 21, 2014

Backing up

Considering how much of my working life I have spent online in the last 15 years, in particular running Shedworking and working for The Independent, I have a terrible admission to make - I'm terrible at backing all my things up.

Rather than have a sensible plan in place, I do it in an extremely haphazard way, putting some stuff up in the cloud, others on CD, and bits and bobs on memory sticks. I rely on the British Library too who are backing up Shedworking for posterity, bless them. Even a nightmare laptop meltdown a decade ago hasn't really jolted me into action.

So I was pleased when the fine folk at Tesco Compare got in touch to ask me if I'd like to give the Seagate 3 TB Hard Drive a test run at the back end of last year. Ok, it's a freebie, but nevertheless I have to say that it has been incredibly easy to use. I do most of my work on a MacBook Pro and set it up pretty swiftly using Time Machine, but it obviously also works for PCs. It took a while for the first back up to load everything up, but the regular updates are inconspicuous and don't get in the way of my work. And when I want to back something up immediately rather than on the schedule I've set up, it's an easy click of a button to do so.

I've not tried any other hard drive options before so I have no other products to compare the Seagate to, but the only way the process could have been any easier would have been for my butler to do it all for me.
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